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Congratulations to our winner Miguel Montes


Committed to helping cancer fighters overcome hardship with access to screenings and items not covered by insurance. 



Without the help from various sponsors, none of what we do could be possible.

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The Stand with Estela Casas Cancer Foundation is committed to helping financially-strapped families along the border on a cancer journey. The foundation will disburse money in the form of vouchers and gift cards to pay for mammograms, CT scans, blood tests, compression sleeves, and wigs for women battling breast cancer and provide wellness check-ups for men. 

As a breast and thyroid cancer thriver, Estela will continue to lead by example and share her story at community events. The foundation will continue to team up with businesses and organizations to disseminate information that early detection improves a patient’s quality of life.

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Thank you for your continued support!

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