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Thriver not survivor.

That's how I describe myself. Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer is never in the clear. We can be cancer free, but history and science has shown that it's a matter of when, not if cancer returns. I have been thinking about that lately because I am 47 months in, 13 months away from complete remission. Remission is when tests show all signs of cancer are gone. Remission doesn't mean I'm cured. The first five years after a cancer diagnosis are critical because cancer cells usually come back within those 60 months. HER2 positive breast cancer usually returns in the lungs, bones, liver or brain.

Honestly, knowing I'm near the 5-year mark is unsettling. I pray, listen to my body, eat well, exercise, drink a little red wine and not miss doctor appointments. I rely on my faith, family and friends because no one thrives alone.

I laugh loudly, love unconditionally and I work to create magical moments.

Every day, I choose to thrive and not simply survive.

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